AK 2012 Day 3

Day 3 broke totally blue and we were psyched to continue ramping it up after Day 2’s surprise awesomeness.  However, we got thrown a wild card and ended up going out with a new guide and 2 new group members, one of which was a slightly timid snowboarder chicky.  We spent the day on a way mellower tip, but still skied great snow in incredible surroundings.  Got to ride with the original owner of CPG, and he billy goated us into some more interesting lines along the way.

Mike enjoying some perfect shred

Rich dropping in

Yes please

Finding a route down off the shoulder


Then for our last run, we hit this incredble 3-4k consistent pitch pow shot called Gold Pan.  Seemed to go on forever

Naton getting it started before launching to hip


So while frustrating to ski among giant peaks and not tag big lines, Day 3 delivered some great pow turns, views, and perhaps a warmup for more to come.

Day 4 Update

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