AK 2012 Day 4

AK 2012 Update Day 4 – Bangertown

Day 4 we awoke to light snow and a weather hold.  But once again, it was blue down the road and we mobilized by late morning to get our shred on.  We managed to put together a strong group for the day and armed with our guide Rich we were ready to ramp.

The heli took us up through the clouds to an incredible scene

Undercast and sunny with pow.  Yes please.

Pretty soon we were scouting fun lines from the heli

In AK it’s important to poop before you head out in the morning…




Mike lovin the sunny pow

Tomas ripping

Mike with the run of the day behind him…let’s go!

Views continued not to suck.  This from our dropoff near the Seattle Creek Headwall

This one, probably the best of the trip, took some work to get to.  A highlight for me, but maybe not so much for the other group members.  Mike and co. traversing the knife edge ridge, before starting the bootpack

But, it got us here.  Wow.

Run of a lifetime for sure, POV to come if I can figure out this whole video thing



Looking back up, my track lookers left off the big exit air

At the bottom of this run after 3,000 feet of bliss, I told Mike, “I AM ON DRUGS, AND MY BODY MADE THEM!”

Totally incredible feeling that i’ll definitely never forget.

Nice view of the walk-to gnar across the road.  Great access to some serious lines over there

Then a little twilight booter to finish off the day

As if the day had not been perfect enough, we got to see the northern lights from the bar that evening

All in all a completely amazing trip.  The opportunity to step it up in AK in great, stable conditions, and have the weather to give it a shot a few times was incredible.  Big thanks goes out to Chugach Powder Guides for running a great operation out of Girdwood, our Guide Rich for taking us to the gnar, and to Mike for trusting and coming with.  Can’t wait to do this again next year.

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    Fucking sick


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