Rosie’s first ski tour

After prudently avoiding long distance adventures in Rosie’s first year, we were excited to introduce Rosie to our favorite passtime.  Up to this point in her life, mom and dad grabbing ski gear meant her sitting by her lonesome awaiting our return.  Not today.

November storms laid down a decent base in Wasatch, and with Deer Valley still several weeks from opening, a trip up to the dog friendly backside of the Wasatch was in order.  Rosie is a classy bitch, so her first ski adventure taking place at Deer Valley is only fitting.

We packed up the car and headed west.

Rosie lead the way up the skinner, excited

Her parents did their best to keep pace

We made it to the summit pretty quickly, greeted by a stiff wind.  Hannah tried to hold Rosie while I skied the first pitch but she was uncontrollable, simply too exited to wait.  She bounded down the slope yelping with joy

Checking out her work

Hannah enjoyed the smooth turns down as well.

All in all it was a mellow day with average or below snow conditions, but managed to be one of my favorite days in memory after being able to share the experience with the pup for the first time, and have her be so happy and comfortable in the mountain environment.   Looking forward to more puppy-pow missions in the future as conditions allow.

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