Park City PowderCats Dec 26 2013

Park City Powder Cats operates on 40,000 Acres just east of Oakley, UT.  We got to open the gates for them this year with a day-after-christmas trip on their first day of the season. The day’s crew was Dr Dave, Pilot Al, Hannah, and your faithful adventure web logger.

We got an early start from SLC and watched the sun rise heading east

We arrived, geared up and headed up in the cat, about 40 minutes to the first ski run.

Looked pretty good up there

Rebekah Stevens Photo

Some of their terrain was gnarly

Some less so

One constant was this pesky rime crust on every aspect.  Noticable but managable; not ideal

On the first run I enjoyed myself, blissfully unaware of my beacon-gut

Rebekah Stevens Photo

And Hannah figured out that faster was better

Rebekah Stevens Photo

Gettin some in the sun

Pilot Al

Rebekah Stevens Photo

Johny Adolphson Photo

Rebekah Stevens Photo

Rebekah Stevens Photo

Dr Dave

We stopped for a tasty lunch in the sun.  Here Al and Dr Dave work on some gluten free alternatives

After lunch Al lead down this fun pitch

At the end of the day we loaded up the snowcat and headed back down to the lodge.  A super fun day out in the mountains enjoying fresh tracks and great company.  When it’s really going off, with good snow and stability, a PCCats trip would definitely be a blast.  Hope to do it again

Thanks for lookin


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