Lily Lake Yurt

When our friend Sharon told us in August she’d booked a yurt for us to sleep in in February, it seemed far off and harmless.

When we pulled up to the trailhead in an alpine meadow with almost no mountains in view, the yurt seemed far off and well…

Rosie was stoked from the get-go



The yurt was a mostly flat 3 mile approach and we set off in some nice late afternoon light. We hauled extra gear using a sled, some rope, PVC pipe, and some bungees.  We were in this for the glamping.

IMG_2685a IMG_2687aWorking on my vertical panoramas on the way to the yurt IMG_2688a But, we still had a ways to go.  We arrived at the yurt just after dark and just in time to help the other city slickers not smoke themselves out of the yurt 🙂IMG_2692a


Yurt life is simple.  Burn wood, melt snow, eat and drink the plentiful treats you hauled in, and oh, let’s go skiing.

We awoke the next day to mostly cloudy skies, but were dissapointed to see that we were still not really close at all to mountains.  We could see some off in the distance though, so off we went.


We set our sights on the large mountain center of this photo.  As we got closer it became clear that this goal was a bit farther than we’d anticipated.  At the subridge ahead, we decided a test-run was in order.


We found a foot of storm snow on top of 6 inches of nothingness, on top of a crust below.  The hollow snowpack was hardly confidence inspiring, but we figured we’d give it a shot.


After a couple of miles we arrived at the ridge and headed up for a ski.  Hannah makes it look easyIMG_2707a

In real life it was pretty challenging, hollow conditions.  Not quite the gnar, but we’d gone skiing and the yurt life was looking real good.

Rosie’s tail was a waggin


We bunked up for another fun night of winter camping, stoked the fire, told stories, finished our boxed wine, and went to sleep.  The next day we were off for the 3 mile walk out.IMG_2722

Yurtin!  It’s fun.  Next time, at the bottom of a ski run, preferably with a Snowmobile tow in.

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