California Road Trip

The invitation for the wedding of @ ( and Noal came addressed to 3 of us.  It was apparently critical that #rosiesiegalbreath attended, so a road trip was in order.  Over the weeks leading up to the trip, we locked in a loop heading west towards San Francisco, down the coast to LA, east to Joshua Tree then back north through Las Vegas.

Our first stop was Lake Tahoe, CA.  We pulled in to Truckee after dark and the next morning were able to poke around the lake a bit.



This was a common scene over the week IMG_3195

We cruised on down to this metropolis


And spent a couple wacky days with these hooligans


And of course took some time to see some sights20150518_170615_Richtone(HDR)

From there we headed down the coast and landed in Big Sur.  We enjoyed an incredible meal at a restaurant overlooking the water and then picked this choice camping spot overlooking the Pacific






The next morning we headed down the coast towards LA to meet up with some friends for 2 nights in an Airbnb on Venice Beach.  The place was great!


And a quick stroll down to the beach got us some rare solitude in the city20150521_194014

The next morning Rosie was cruising the beach while a pack of dolphins played offshore, so cool!20150521_113156

We decided to take the scenic route north around the mountains to get to Joshua Tree for the wedding fesitivites.  After sitting in traffic for what felt like forever, we were eventually greeted by a stunning landscape at sunset.  Check out the girls expressions

IMG_3219aWhen we arrived we secured one of the best Sleeperjeep camping spots to date



Rosie enjoyed our hike in the hills above camp the following dayIMG_3250a


Kept waiting for the Lorax to show upIMG_3259


@ was ready to go IMG_3265a

The beautiful couple IMG_3292a

Got to chill with a great crewIMG_3317

Thanks for lookinIMG_3337a


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