Big Sky, MT 2/23/13

Haven’t had the opportunity to post a Trip Report in a while but glad to have scored a trip worth sharing. Spent this past weekend in Big Sky with a pretty perfect string of 3 days. I hadn’t been back since the tram went in and was curious to get a taste of the ‘biggest skiing in America’.
Although I did shred there in 92 🙂

We arrived on Thursday night and skied Friday with a few inches of fresh and good visibility – perfect for getting our bearings, figuring out the mountain layout, and putting some time in with family. By Friday night snow had arrived, and by Saturday morning it was dumping.

Saturday was full on storm skiing with refills a plenty. Hannah and TheSis enjoying Saturday mornin

Hannah southside pow

TheSis enjoying a stash on the lower mountain

Yours truly airing it out

and gettin spinny wid it

Storm day at Big Sky was a great change of pace from the UT resorts…almost no one around and fresh lines everywhere but right under the lift. The storm wrapped up that evening after dropping about 12″ of fresh. And the next morning, skies were blue (and pink and all that other good shit)

View of Lone Peak from the lower chair

The storm had some decent wind on the tail end and turned the entire mountain into a fresh canvas. Here some early risers get some wiggles under the Lone Peak Triple

The addition of the tram really transformed the mountain (i recognize being 20 yrs behind on this but hey, new to me). Off the southside on a powder day there are easily 2000ft alpine descents. Feels quite unique, especially with the limited capacity getting people up there. The Naton enjoying a long sunny pow shot from the top of the tram

Hannah enjoying the tree stashes lower down

Some mid mountain wind buff


Then we took a walk up the ridge. Lone Peak tram lookers left, A-Z Chutes off the left side of the ridge and The Headwaters off the right side into Moonlight Basin.

The walk was sporty at times with some big exposure underneath, but each of the tougher spots had some additional holds available.

We headed to the far end of the ridge and skied down from near the peak lookers right

Looking down

and up

Then headed down for some puppy pow

And hit the road headed back south for a beautiful sunset drive through Yellowstone

A great string of days that reminded me how fun it is to explore new places and old, especially with great friends and family. Thanks for lookin


The Naton

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