Bear Lake June 2013

Bear Lake is a large, deep, natural lake on the Idaho-Utah border well-known for its incredible turquoise water.  Its west shore is a popular vacation destination for those with a penchant towards manufactured homes, ATVs, the non-delicious kind of Stakes, and general funny-lookingness.  Its east shore is far less developed, with large swaths of open waterfront.  We decided to look here for our latest car camping adventure to take in the natural beauty of this scene away from the crowds.

After driving through the lush mountains northeast of Logan, the lake abruptly comes in to view.  This was a Holy Shit moment seeing the blue/green water for the first time

After driving the East side of the lake from the South Northward, we stelled on a nice spot near the UT/ID border on a small bluff above the beach

This was in a camping area, though we were fortunate to have the place to ourselves.  Getting settled in

The view from the SleeperJeep was sweet

The perks of Car Camping; fire grilled Ribeye

This kitchen comes with a view


We were thrilled to take in such a gorgeous scene.  This panorama attempts to capture the beauty but difficult to do it justice.  Click for more detail


Then, you know how it goes…a few drinks later the creativity started flowing.  GhosTon up in this!

In addition to being the longest day of the year, there was also an incredibly bright full moon.  This pic taken long after darkness set in

The next morning we awoke to Rosie pup running laps in the Jeep with her eyes on the birds outside.  As soon as we let her out she was right back down to the water

But wait – what are all those swimmy things around the pup?  Time to go fishing.  Hannah reeled in this hog Carp.

Eventually we’d slung enough lures at the fishes and we decided a nice walk along the beach was in order

Rosie dutifully bringing us her bounty of fish carcass

Another unique aspect of Bear Lake is that the shore is lined with endless, perfectly smooth rocks.  A great place to skip a stone or twenty

Lastly we took our turn to have a dip in the cool water, quite refreshing

After that we packed up the Jeep and headed home, another fun adventure in the books.  Thanks for looking.

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