AK 2012

Somehow the day 1 update got lost, so here are the pics again.  It was snowy, we skied low elevation out of the heli, and the snow quality was best ever all the way down to sea level.

Our guide Rich following down the cool feature of the day


Day 2:

Overnight it snowed 10″ at Alyeska and we were ready for a down day on the snowcat.  But this morning, during an extended period of down time, we started hearing rumblings or clearing.

It turned out that 30 miles down the road it was starting to go blue, and we got in the vans heading in that direction.

Yea, it was like that

Mike gets busy in our 2nd zone
Excited bros
Mike gettin deep
Lets go…THERE
Mike making it down
Then we started getting some amazing late light
Mike making turning in the glow
Incredible day overall.  Unexpected bluebird and big lines to boot.  Let’s do it again!!

9 Responses to AK 2012

  1. mc says:

    hope it goes blue for ya!


  2. doing it right, looks like a BLAST bud

    as I said, green with envy here in NYShitty


  3. Nora says:

    that last pic is amazing


  4. zachmaxwell says:

    Looks beyond amazing. Rock out Naton


  5. Ophelia rudin says:

    Totally phenomenal!!!! Powder to you amazing men!!! Loveo


  6. Wilbur Happenstance says:



  7. jan says:

    Gorgeous! Great to see.
    Yo Mama


  8. Gavin says:



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